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Read on for what to expect in laptops in the coming year. CPU and GPU Get Closer In terms of the processor market, it isn’t just another speed bump this year, nor is it about adding more physical cores to the processor die, as with previous years. From processor updates to 3D technology, these are exciting times for the mobile PC market. Both Intel and AMD will unveil new chips, followed by a sea of laptops that will for the first time feature on-die graphics. This year, graphics power is finally riding shotgun with the CPU.

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Apple MacBook Pro models of the overall configuration, making the new MacBook Pro, became the first new SandyBridge with Intel Core i5 processor architecture and transmission technology ThunberBolt products in mass production, using the AMD Radeon HD 6000 series discrete graphics, and FaceTime HD camera, this time letting Apple become successful industry leader. Jual Laptop Bekas results from the the 3Dmark evaluation results, the the ASUS N56VM game performance can be a high-end level, StarCraft 2 and Need for Speed 13 can-take-all, the 3D online game of World of Warcraft this is no problem, but for graphics higher requirements for stand-alone game, N56VM incompetent, but in general the ASUS N56VM gamers can fully satisfy.

HD3000 core graphics compared to the previous generation, the rise is about 38%, which can be said that the core graphics card has been successful beyond the entry-level alone significantly and is close to the mid-range discrete graphics. Can see that the HD4000 graphics score and GT520M GF610M is basically the same. HD6470M, HD7470M this alone significantly was completely throw off. Most PC users value boards that have many direct-connecting USB slots, since there are so many outboard peripherals taking advantage of them.

Slots & Connectors: Make sure the motherboards you’re considering have an ample number of expansion slots (such as PCI-Express), power connectors, or anything else to accommodate the internal and external peripherals you plan on adding. In our review, we examined doing so motorcycle in gaming, as well. Even if we did not expect as well considerably from it, as it will come with a default Intel GMA HD3000, and merely 128 MB loyal reminiscence, we have to admit that it managed to shock us in a beneficial way.

While effecting Torchlight in supreme details, the laptop scored between 45 and 60 frames per second, that we look at excellent for doing so sort of system using a common visual accelerator. A few days ago, in a statement Intel said that there is design defect in 6 series “Cougar Point” chip set adopted in SandyBridge processor and Intel promised that any one can return or exchange product unconditionally if one has bought the defective products.

You can find out more information on this subject here. The characteristic and the price are excellent. The result of our review: Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook is an excellent choice for those which are searching for some Windows alternatives of MacBook Air. Ivy Bridge with 22-nm 3D transistor technology benefits: (1) increase the number of transistors per unit area: The number of transistors by the SNB 1.

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